The Mahogany Veneer Four-Way Cluster Desk


Product code B037
Available colours Mahogany veneer
Available sizes – Desk 1600L x 900W x 800H
Manufacturing lead time In stock
Can you customize the desk No


The Mahogany Veneer Four-Way Cluster Desk, a versatile and customizable solution for collaborative workspaces. The Mahogany Veneer Four-Way Cluster Desk is a single desk but may also be made up into a four-way cluster.

Key Features:

  • Mahogany Veneer Finish: Crafted with a mahogany veneer finish, this cluster desk offers a luxurious and sophisticated look, adding warmth and elegance to any workspace.
  • Modular Design: The cluster desk can be supplied separately, allowing for flexible configuration to suit different office layouts and requirements.
  • Pedestal with Ample Storage: Each desk includes a pedestal with the following features:
    • Pencil Tray: Convenient tray for organizing writing utensils.
    • Two Standard Drawers: Ideal for storing office supplies, documents, and personal items.
    • One Deep Filer: Provides ample space for organizing and storing files and important documents.

Complementary Pieces:

  • Optional Silver Wooden Divider: An optional extra, the silver wooden divider adds a modern touch and can be used to create individual workstations for privacy and concentration.

The Mahogany Veneer Four-Way Cluster Desk offers a blend of functionality, flexibility, and elegance, making it an ideal choice for collaborative work environments.