The Keno Melamine Four-Way Cluster Desk


Product code JA001
Available colours Three options available
Available sizes – Desk 1600L x 1200W x 760H
Manufacturing lead time In stock
Can you customize the desk? No



The Keno Melamine Four-Way Cluster Desk, a simple yet versatile solution designed for collaborative work environments and may be done as single desk or a four-way cluster.

Key Features:

  • Simple Design: The desk features a straightforward design, suitable for various office settings and with three colour options available to match different aesthetics.
  • Multiple Colour Options: Available in three different colours, so providing flexibility to suit different office decor preferences.
  • 32mm Desktop: The desktop is 32mm thick, offering a sturdy and reliable workspace for daily tasks.
  • Reversible Configuration: Can be configured for left-handed or right-handed use but providing adaptability to different user preferences.
  • Cable Hole: Includes a cable hole for efficient cable management, helping to keep the workspace tidy and organized.
  • Mobile Pedestal: The accompanying mobile pedestal features are as follows:
    • Pencil Tray: Convenient tray for organizing writing utensils.
    • Two Standard Drawers: Ideal for storing office supplies, stationery, and personal items.
    • One Deep Filer Drawer: Provides ample space for organizing and storing files, promoting efficient document management.
    • Central Locking: All drawers feature central locking, ensuring the security of valuable items and confidential documents.

The Melamine Four-Way Cluster Desk offers simplicity, functionality, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for collaborative work environments seeking practical yet stylish furniture solutions.