The Classic Eames Leather Medium Back Office Chair


Product code CH2801 (Leather)
Available colours Black
Leather Yes
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The Classic Eames Leather Medium Back Office Chair, a timeless and elegant seating option designed for comfort and style in professional environments.

Key Features:

  • Torsion Tilt Mechanism: Equipped with a torsion tilt mechanism, allowing for smooth and adjustable recline to accommodate individual preferences and sitting positions.
  • Stabilizing Bar: Includes a stabilizing bar for extra strength and durability, ensuring stability and reliability over time.
  • Gas Height Adjustment: Allows for easy and convenient height adjustment to achieve the perfect sitting position for various users and desk heights.
  • Stylish Chrome Arms: Features stylish chrome arms that enhance the chair’s aesthetic appeal and provide additional support for the arms and shoulders.
  • Chrome Pyramid Base / Chrome Sleigh Frame: Supported by a sturdy chrome pyramid base or chrome sleigh frame, offering stability and a modern look to complement any office decor.

The Classic Eames Leather Medium Back Office Chair combines classic design, ergonomic features, and premium materials, making it an excellent choice for executive offices, conference rooms, and professional workspaces seeking both comfort and style.