The Athena General Mahogany Veneer Office Desk


Product code B045
Available colours Mahogany veneer
Available sizes – Desk 1600L x 900W x 800H
Available sizes – Desk 1800L x 950W x 800H (R16903.00)
Manufacturing lead time In stock
Can you customize the desk No


The Athena General Mahogany Veneer Office Desk, designed to offer functionality and elegance for everyday office use.

Key Features:

  • Mahogany Veneer Construction: Crafted with high-quality mahogany veneer, this desk exudes sophistication and durability.
  • Free-Standing L-Extension: The desk comes with a free-standing L-extension that can be conveniently placed on either side, offering flexibility in office layout and configuration.
  • Mobile Pedestal: Includes a mobile pedestal for additional storage and organization of office essentials, ensuring easy access to important documents and supplies.
  • Leather Inlays: Features leather inlays on the desk surface to protect the finish and add a touch of luxury.

Complementary Pieces:

The Athena General Mahogany Veneer Office Desk combines practicality with refined design elements, making it an excellent choice for a professional and versatile workspace.