Glass door cabinet 1800mm


Glass door cabinets 1800mm
1800mm x 900mm 400mm
4 Shelves, Lockable
Delivery: Available in 15 – 20 working Days

Price is inclusive of vat.

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Glass door Cabinet 1800mm

Glass door cabinet 1800mm
1800mm x 900mm 400mm
This Cabinet has 4 Shelves and are Lockable.
This product is from Melamine and there are various colours to choose from – see our colour chart.

Taking care of Melamine:

  • Use mild household spray to clean the surface.
  • Wipe down surface with soft cloth.
  • Don’t wipe to hard as it will damage the surface.
  • Dry the surface with a soft cloth – make sure not to leave any solvent on the surface as it will damage it.
  • Methylated spirits can also be used – wipe it in a circular cleaning motion.
  • Clean over the methylated area with water and damp cloth to remove any residual Methylated Spirits.

Benefits of Melamine office furniture:

For more Cabinets and Wall Units….

Tips for choosing a bookcase or wall unit or a  cabinet.

Take the room size in consideration when selecting a cabinet / wall units.  Too big or too small it will not give a balanced look and feel.
Think of where you would like to place it in the office, so that it will compliment the other pieces of furniture.
What type of material would you like to use.. either Wood, Veneer or Melamine.
Choose the appropriate style

Delivery: Available in 15 – 20 working Days

Price is inclusive of vat.