Executive Reception Desk JQ002


Product code JQ002
Available colours Mahogany veneer
Available sizes – Desk 2400L x 700W x 1100H
Manufacturing lead time In stock
Can you customize the reception unit? No


Executive Reception Desk JQ002

This executive reception desk JQ002 is made with mahogany veneer and incorporates steel panelling and delicate decorative aluminium beading. It is combined with a matching free-standing credenza consisting of two hinge doors a central drawer and a pencil drawer. The top has two aluminium cable holes making it ideal for any corporate company requiring two receptionists.

Size: 2400L X 700D X 1100H

Wood Veneer Benefits

Unique colours and grain structures of each piece.
Veneer gives you a real wood feel.
Hundreds of types of wood can be used to make wood veneer.
It is more sustainable and more economical than all hardwood.

So, this is a proudly South African product and 100% locally manufactured.

We offer a safe and cost-effective delivery service.

How to clean Wood Veneer

  • Do not use aerosol wood cleaners or polishes because it will cause damage to the table.
  • Furthermore, avoid anything that contain wax or are oil-based.
  • For general cleaning, you do not need anything fancy. A soft cloth that is lint free is usually plenty enough for dusting your furniture.
  • If you need a bit more, dampen the cloth slightly and use a mild soap
  • Rinse off the soap residue and thoroughly dry the surface to avoid water spots and damage to the wood veneers.
  • It is important to keep your wiping motion in the same direction as the wood grain.
  • Also Use a coaster under glasses and use a desk pad or glass layer on your desk.

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What is your style chair?

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